What is a Jam?

The Jam

Imagine a Jam session in music. You come together, bringing your instruments, your skills, your open mind. Someone sets up a theme, and you start to Jam around it. You don't over analyse it, you don't discuss it to death, you Jam. You bounce your ideas off other people, and play around with what comes back. Together, you build something which none of you could have built alone. And at the same time, you are learning new ideas, discovering more about how you work and whom you best work with, sharpening your skills, and having a great time. And who knows, maybe there are one or two ideas there which might make it to the next album. Or maybe you Jammed so well, you decide to form a band…

The Global Sustainability Jam works in just the same way. But it's not music you are Jamming - it's ideas. You'll be working with people you might never have met before, bouncing ideas off one another and building on what bounces back. And it's not just talking - you are here to turn your ideas into a concrete design or plan of action which you or somebody else might want to make real. Perhaps it will be a service, a physical device, an initiative, a network, or something no-one has thought of yet - can you describe and plan it in a way that someone could go out and make it real, knowing what resources they would need, what they should do, and who they should talk to? That's the challenge of the Jam. (copied from the Global Sustainability Jam website) :-)

Sustainability Jam

The Sustainability Jam is one of the sister Jam events. The topic is given only on the day. But “Sustainability” is the frame for this Jam. Ideas, solutions, products and services that can impact the world and society. It does not have to be big, it does not have to be feasible, it has to inspire and create sparks.

Do I have to know about sustainability? Not really. It is your chance actually to get in touch with such complex concept and learn more from experienced professionals from the field. If you are an experienced researcher or practitioner, It is also a chance to open to a different point of view and reflect how can you really impact people’s live.

Important reminder: The Jam is not a conference. We like conference, but do not think you will be listening and watching, you will be thinking, producing and jamming. It does not mean that the jam is not for networking. It means that you will network in a different way. :-)

Sustainability Jam Heidelberg

It is the second time that Heidelberg is joining the Jam season. Seeing last year´s event in the SAP Apphaus in Heidelberg, the city is joining the creative wave and enabling more local professionals to inspire the world.

The @SusJamHD aims at bringing together professionals, students and researchers from different fields to co-innovate on an intense and hands-on weekend. Besides the different perspectives, the participants will talk with real people in order to broaden their insights.

It is important to mention that the Sustainability Jam is a non-profit event. All the money raised through ticket prices is used to pay for infrastructure, meals and materials that have not been sponsored. It is organized by enthusiastic volunteers who just love making people meet and create things together.

Where does it take place?

SAP AppHouse Heidelberg


The Global Sustainability Jam happens all over the World. You can find the closest location here.


The Sustainability Jam Heidelberg will take place in the Landfriedkomplex in central Heidelberg, which was previously home to a tobacco factory. On Sunday, presentations will take place at the SAP - Apphaus Heidelberg, also in the Landfriedkomplex.

A project center of SAP, the AppHaus Heidelberg hosts and manages co-innovation projects with customers worldwide. This inspiring environment should trigger the development of creative and sustainable solutions.

Getting there

The SAP - Apphaus Heidelberg is located in the old tobacco factory close to the Heidelberg main station. Easy to arrive by car (from the Autobahn) or by train (come by train, it is more environmental friendly). It is surrounded by restaurants and it is also pretty close to the main square (Bismarkplatz), meaning, you can find a lot of resources for research, testing and eating.

Bergheimer Straße 139-151
69115 Heidelberg

How do I join the jam?



Great! I am glad that you want to join! You can register until Friday, 14th of November. The first question is: Are you available to come on November 21 (from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.), November 22 (from 9 to 19) and November 23 (from 9 to 18)? If yes, AWESOME! You are already eligible to register.

If no. It is ok. You can always apply as a supporter and help on one of the days or come to watch the final presentation on Sunday. We would be particularly happy if you had any super powers (e.g. videography, photography, live blogging) to help us to make this event happen.


The Sustainability Jam Heidelberg is a non-profit event, so all collected money will be invested to cover the costs of the event. Although the location is sponsored, we have to cover costs for food, material, cleaning, drinks etc.

TWe have decided to tier our ticket prices. The normal ticket price for the entire weekend is 25€.

However, we also know there may be some of you out there who are struggling with money but really want to participate. If you cannot afford otherwise, you can pay 15€.

If you want to support the idea of a superb in your area, a get-together of creative and enthusiastic entrepreneurs and cool people in general, then you can pay 40€.

Who is organizing?

Leonie Fremgen

Leonie Fremgen

Leonie is passionate about combining her background in Sustainable Development (University of Leipzig) and Design Thinking (d.school Potsdam). Currently, she works at the SAP AppHaus Heidelberg, organizing/coaching workshops and making the space even prettier.

Karen Detken

Karen Detken

Strategic Design Consultant at the Design & Co-Innovation Center – SAP. Karen studied an MSc. in Digital Media at the University of Lübeck and has worked as web designer, screen designer and interaction designer in various companies in Europe.

Laurent Pollefort

Laurent Pollefoort

Strategic Design Consultant at the Design & Co-Innovation Center – SAP. Sensitive to sustainable development, he likes to give a new life to used objects. You can find a shower mat made from wine corks in his bathroom.

Meret Hildebrandt

Meret Hildebrandt

After having studied physics at the Universities of Konstanz and Heidelberg, Meret gained practical experience at a research institute in Munich and at the European Patent Office. She is interested in fostering renewable energy sources and bringing people together.

Supporter Wanted

The Sustainability Jam is a non-profit project that aims to engage the local community in an inspiring weekend. Do you have super powers to support the Jam? So bring them on and help us to make this event happen.

To apply contact Leonie (leonie.fremgen@sap.com)

What we offer

Unfortunately, we can not pay for your great work (although we know it worthy a lot). We can offer you:

  • An weekend surrounded by inspiring people
  • A landmark in your CV and portfolio
  • The chance to network with creatives, entrepreneurs and cool people in general
  • Some delicious bio food
  • Interesting Talks about sustainability and hints on project development

Get in contact!

We would love to hear from you. I mean, really. If you have any question, issue, compliment or you are just bored, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail (you have one, right?), twitter or calling.

Leonie Fremgen